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We are a company that helps you to present your projects or real estate developments in an assertive and visually attractive way primarily by adding value and generating emotions.

Still in the stone age delivering only static images to your customers? Renders that don't enchant, many times, even you? Come to Blue Bear and we'll introduce you to the concept of CINEMOTION 3D ARCHTECTURE.

With us, your project gains life and movement with cinematographic takes. Your videos and renders are edited with professional quality and the sound design in each frame will transport your client to an irresistible immersive experience.

 In this contemporary residence, with a style directly influenced by Brazilian modernism, we use high-end techniques to imprint on the image all the rich textures of the materials that make up this facade.

A family living room integrated with an extremely elegant kitchen, through sliding colored glass doors. In this project, the architects wanted to emphasize the multifunctionality of the indirect lighting in the kitchen environment, which could range from bright general lighting to a cozy half-light scenography.

In this suite with a neoclassical style, to affirm a calm and relaxing atmosphere, we adhered to an image editing style with more neutral and desaturated colors. We were able to print on the image the exact feeling that the author of the project wants to convey to the client.

With Blue Bear, your real estate developments are represented with precision and fidelity to the architectural project. We don't let any detail go unnoticed! In summary: We anticipate the future to delight your customers.